AR in Story Telling: A tech pedagogy for future teaching & learning

AR for teaching & learning

AR in Story Telling: Interactive digital storytelling techniques are recently being applied in combination with new media forms, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Thereby the technological progress that is being made within these areas allows shifting interactive digital storytelling more and more into the third dimension and into the physical world. One of the main advantages of this transition is the possibility to communicate information more effectively with digital means by telling stories that can be experienced directly within a real environment or in combination with physical objects. The user experience is thus transformed from relating different pieces of information to one another to ‘living through’ the narrative. The perceptual quality and the unique aura of a real environment (e.g., a historical site) or object (e.g., an ancient artifact) cannot be simulated by today’s technology. Thus it is not possible to substitute them with virtual or electronic copies without them losing their flair of originality (Yilmaz, Kucuk, and Goktas, 2017).

~Abbas Wahab



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