Data Science for Education

Abbas Wahab
1 min readJan 7, 2022

In the emerging trends, modern development in education is also reshaping by using the latest technologies to enhance the teaching and learning process. Technologies are now playing a great role in the education sector. Artificial intelligence is now widely used in educational software. Data Science is also one of the emerging technologies used by educationists to perform operations on educational datasets. Data has now a significant role in every sector of life as it is going to be much helpful to predict the future of your business and predict expected outcomes from their defined business model.

The role of management in an organization is also facing a great shift as now companies are hiring data science experts for their managerial roles. There are a huge amount of datasets available in the field of education. According to the Stanford research group of data science, Educational data science would empower educators to perform data visualization, data reduction and description, and prediction tasks. Data reduction can be used to make sense of many complex records and fields of data on students (e.g., grade books and assignments, etc). The following are hot trending applications of data science in education.

  1. Measuring Instructor Performance
  2. Innovating the Curriculum
  3. Monitoring Student Requirements
  4. Social-Emotional Skills




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