Self-learning; You all need it

Abbas Wahab
2 min readMar 15, 2023


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

With the increasing reliance on technological developments and the internet, the world has started sprouting at a rapid speed. The traditional form of education has also gone through many twists and turns. The trend is now moving from classroom-based teaching and learning to self-learning skills. It is catching attention and becoming a new in-demand skill to be acquired.

The art of self-regulatory learning to get the required knowledge about a particular topic using many different tools accessible through technology comprises self-learning skills. Having mastered this skill set makes one more independent and innovative without any instigation or dependency.

You will have the litheness of understanding yourself and your learning style. It will make you able to search for the information on the internet to study the matter at your own convenient time and at a pace you deem fit.

Self-learning teaches you many things like searching, collecting and analysing information, time management, personalised working space, problem-solving, use of technological tools, enhance reading skills and many more. Self-learning drive and inculcate a unique force of curiosity. It drives you crazy for learning and you want to utilize your maximum potential.

Education is a fire to be lit. Not a vessel to be filled. The 21st-century learner needs to self-learner to be in the race of growing individuals. It is a dire need to be aware of learners to take responsibility for learning.

Steps towards self-learning are:

1. Be Curious

2. Set Learning Goals

3. Assess Your Learning Resources

4. Engage in a Learning Process

5. Apply What You Learn

6. Collaborate With Other Learners

7. Share Your Knowledge



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